Frugal Fitness

May 18, 2012 by

Frugal Fitness

No money for a gym membership? No problem! Thanks to the internet, you don’t need to spend much to keep your workout routine fresh and exciting. Below are some suggestions.

  • If you’re in a biggish city, sign up for and have your all of your city’s daily deals sent to you in one easy email. Ignore the restaurant deals, and look closely at the fitness deals. In the past year I’ve tried a variety of new gyms and dipped my toes into Crossfit ($20 for 20 classes), boxing ($20 for 20 classes) and yoga ($30 for 20 classes). Tomorrow is my first UFC/MMA class, for which I have a $20 for 25 classes pass, and I’ve also got a $20 for 20 class (plus gym access) pass for Gold’s Gym on my office bulletin board just waiting to be redeemed.
  • Ask your friends if they have any exercise DVDs they don’t use kicking around. Most will require simple hand weights – which you can buy inexpensively at a big box store or score at garage sales in the summer.
  • YouTube has tens of thousands of videos explaining how to properly executive an exercise, and there are plenty of full length videos as well. Shape magazine listed their Ten Best Workouts on YouTube, and it includes my personal favourite site,

As you’ll find on many of these videos, you don’t require any equipment at all to keep or get in great shape. Having no room in your budget is no excuse for having no room for fitness in your life.

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  1. Great ideas, Sarah! I agree, in this day and age, we have no excuse not to be active and try different fitness routines.

  2. I love the YouTube suggestion because I think of YouTube for entertaining short video’s or maybe brief how-to’s but I never think of it for work-outs.

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