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Invest In Your Child’s Long-Term Health – Without Paying Dearly For It

Guest post by Amanda Green, a freelance writer who has written extensively on the subject of business and personal finance.

Most parents would probably agree that the health of their child is of utmost importance – that it is important enough to be worthwhile despite any and all costs. We will schedule doctor’s appointments, surgical procedures, and x-rays for our children even if we wouldn’t do the same for ourselves. We’ll spend money on their medications and sports teams without a second thought. We do all this because we want to and because it is our job.

But being willing to spend money towards our children’s health does not mean we need to be frivolous or wasteful in this regard. In fact, some of the most cost-efficient measures we can take are also in our children’s best medical interest. Minimizing the amount of fast food our kids eat comes to mind as an obvious example here.

In what other ways can we make our children healthier while also being health-conscious? Here are a few tips:

Provide outdoor exposure
People who live an active lifestyle are more likely to be healthy over the long run. You may also know that children are highly impressionable and can develop habits in their young age simply as a result of watching and observing. For these reasons, it is important to expose your children to outdoor physical activity when they are young; even if your son is not old enough to play soccer or go for a run, he can still come to the park and develop a more outdoorsy mentality in the process. This simple act can make him more active and more healthy.

As you were likely told by a doctor at some point during the birth process, breastfeeding your child is the preferable route to take when considering their growth and nutrition over the long term. While formula is an excellent option for those mothers who cannot or do not want to breastfeed, we all know breast is best. This is especially the case when doing a price comparison between breastfeeding (which is free) and formula (the costs of which quickly add up over time).

Put calcium first
Children these days are often overfed when it comes to fats and proteins – two food types that are generally more expensive and that can lead to unhealthy lifestyles if consumed in excess. While fat and protein is still essential for your child’s development, don’t forget another element that is highly beneficial yet generally low-priced: calcium. It doesn’t cost much to buy eggs and milk for your child. Moreover, as established by numerous studies over the years, it’s truly difficult for a child to get too much calcium when looking to maximize their future health and growth.

Start a healthy diet and exercise habits young
One of the biggest and costliest health concerns facing our health today is Type II Diabetes and other obesity related health conditions. While most parents may believe that their child could never reach obesity, nearly one third of all U.S. children are. The best way to prevent your child from becoming overweight in childhood, and later on in adulthood, is by starting them off on the right foot in terms of diet and exercise.

Encourage your children to get outdoors and get exercise everyday. Help them find a physical activity they enjoy so that they are further encouraged to get in an adequate amount of exercise. Teach them the importance of a balanced diet early on.  Avoid fast food meals and snacks high in sugar. Help them find fruits and veggies they like, and let them choose their own portion size so they are not overeating. Children who learn to manage their own plates are far less likely to become obese.

These are just a few tips for investing in your child’s long-term without making a financial sacrifice. Others investments include public cord blood banking donation and even vaccinations. While our children health always come first – even when money is concerned – and with the right planning and attitude you can realize the best of both these worlds. Just remember: it’s always best to start earlier. The earlier you invest in the heath of your children, the greater the financial and lifestyle dividends in the long run.

What do you think? Do you agree with this list? Are there any low-cost, health-savvy tips that you would like to add?

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