There is no doubt that term life insurance is the most affordable life insurance out there. You don’t have to think about cash values, investment performance, or getting loans that permanent life insurance offers. It’s pure protection and can help your family avoid financial problems due to an unforeseen death. Having life insurance is a great financial tool… if you qualify for it.

For traditional life insurance policies, the first the you do is apply. If you’re online, you would probably shop around and look for the best life insurance quote beforehand. Then the next step is the medical exam. So what happens when you get an examination? Depending on the amount of coverage you apply for, most likely they’ll ask some detail questions about your medical history, get a blood and/or urine sample. The life insurance company has to weigh out their risk. They do their due diligence by examining how long you might live based on actuarial tables.

The good thing is that you’ll be getting a medical exam for free. You’ll see find out how good your health is. The bad thing is that you might find out medical problems you didn’t know about. This will alarm the life insurance company and possibly stop you from insuring your family. If you wanted to have coverage with medical problems, you would pay inflated premiums.

You might not even have big medical problems. Various companies look at health problems differently. One company can look a minor asthma as a minor problem. Another one can charge you 50% more for the same problem.

How about if there was a way to get term life insurance with no exam? I’ve come to give you the good news. There is.

If you’re searching around yourself, here’s a list of things to look for:

–What is the length of the coverage?

Term examples:. 5, 10, 20 years

–Will they penalize you against a known medical problem?

The application will ask about your medical situation

–If they consider your medical problem, is it a rated policy?

These policies are pretty expensive.

–Does the company offer immediate coverage?

–And most importantly, do they offer term life insurance with “no exam?”

After reviewing the checklist, you’ll be able to find companies that offer life insurance without exams and hefty premiums (for average individuals). For individuals that have high medical risks, a rated policy might be the only policy you’ll qualify for. Do you have medical problems related to your nervous system, heart/vascular system, blood or immune system, liver, kidney or pancreas problems? If you do, it might be better to look around for the best life insurance quote for your situation.