Term Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

There is no doubt that term life insurance is the most affordable life insurance out there. You don’t have to think about cash values, investment performance, or getting loans that permanent life insurance offers. It’s pure protection and can help your family avoid financial problems due to an unforeseen death. Having life insurance is a […]

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Cloth Diapers

In a Moneyville article about cloth diapers, a writer lays out the math on why she thinks cloth diapers are more expensive than disposable. While cloth diapers are certainly not right for every family, they make the most financial sense if you launder them yourself. Her math is totally wrong, and here’s my breakdown of […]

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I’m a Frugal Hero!

Walmart recently asked me to participate in their #WalmartFrugalHeroes Challenge. They sent me a $100 gift card and challenged me to spend in on a specific goal. They suggested feeding my family for a week, buying a summer wardrobe for the kids, hosting a birthday party, etc. But I knew right away what I’d challenge […]

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Sobeys West Tastes of the World

I love to travel and I love to cook – so a vacation built around exploring the culinary delights of a country is my dream holiday! When Sobeys West asked me to help them promote their Tastes of the World Contest, I responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes!” Help someone hear about how they can go […]

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Win! UFile Software

Do you file your own taxes? I used to, before I had my retail store. Since my accountant handled my corporate taxes, it just seemed easier to have her do our personal taxes too. However, after closing up shop, I took back the task of preparing my taxes. A national survey commissioned by Thomson Reuters, […]

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Thoughtful & Cheap!

Videotape your parents talking about childhood memories and give the recordings to siblings or grand children. Make a calendar with pictures of family members.  Mark it with important family birthdays and anniversaries. Assemble the recipes for your family favourites and print a recipe collection for everyone in the family. Buy a used book and in […]

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Black Friday Madness

As a Canadian, I just can’t get too worked up over Black Friday deals. I’m completely done with responding to retailers’ demands to shop the sales. The sales last longer, happen earlier and occur more frequently than ever before. I’m exhausted by it all. This couple that waited in line for 10 hours to save […]

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Let’s Talk Money

The super awesome women over at Urbanmoms.ca have launched a new area of their website, Let’s Talk Money. I’ve posted articles about teaching teens financial literacy, spouses who aren’t honest about money, how to turn kids clutter into cash, and garage sale safety.

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Retirement Ready?

In the Financial Post, there’s an article I read every week, and disagree with every. single. week. It’s called Family Finance, and it looks at the financial situation of a Canadian family and makes recommendations on whether they’re ‘retirement ready’. The problem I have with this series is that they make assumptions about lifestyle and […]

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Teach Vital Values

I recently received a press release titled, “Well-Meaning Parents Often Fail to Teach Vital Values, Author Says.” I assumed the author was a self-help guru, but it turns out she pens writes fantasy novels for young adults. Rachel Albert is author of “Quest to Telos,” a young adult novel where fantasy meets reality and even […]

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