Term Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

There is no doubt that term life insurance is the most affordable life insurance out there. You don’t have to think about cash values, investment performance, or getting loans that permanent life insurance offers. It’s pure protection and can help Read More

Term Life Insurance – Find Cheap Quotes

Term life insurance is a relatively easy to understand concept. Term life insurance policies stay in effect for a predetermined length of time (the term). During the term of the policy, the insured pays a regular premium. If, at any Read More

Health Insurance – I am Uninsured

Sally and Dave have been married for 11 years and have two wonderful children. Dave works the executive shift of 11-hour days while Sally takes care of the house, kids, and everything else that keeps the family in one piece. Read More

Mothers give equal parenting the thumbs down

Degrees of separation: mothers give equal parenting the thumbs down Divorced and separated fathers overwhelmingly favour children spending equal time with both parents, a new study shows, but most mothers oppose 50/50 residence arrangements. More than two-thirds of the fathers, Read More

Benefits of a Parenting Plan

One of the challenges that families face to day is having to create ways on how both parents can spend the best quality time with their children. Parenting kids raised in two different households as a result of separation or Read More