As a Canadian, I just can’t get too worked up over Black Friday deals. I’m completely done with responding to retailers’ demands to shop the sales. The sales last longer, happen earlier and occur more frequently than ever before. I’m exhausted by it all.

This couple that waited in line for 10 hours to save $500 on a $1,200 tv? That’s crazy. Even the journalist falls for their math, saying “Let’s price that out: These guys made nearly 48 bucks an hour sitting there. (Split between two of them to make the time more bearable, that’s 24 dollars per chap.) Not bad.”

Um, no, that’s bad. Buy a TV that normally costs $500 and spend those 10 hours bringing in money. Spend it donating your time to someone in need. Spend it with your friends, family or loved ones being active.

This video from a WalMart on Black Friday? Seriously depressing.