Did you shop on Boxing Day? I hadn’t been to a mall on Boxing Day in years, but this year, I had to wake up early to drop a friend off at the airport anyway and decided to see if I could score a few deals.

I was thrilled to get jeans from American Eagle Outfitters for 40% off, and La Senza was offering 50% off everything too. Now with the holiday discounting of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day behind us, have you missed out on the great deals?

Not at all. Most stores regularly offer pretty similar deals as those offered during the big pre-season sales. With February just around the corner, with its season clearance and overstock clear out time, the only thing I scored on Boxing Day that I’m confident I couldn’t get discounted a few days or weeks later were the Hallmark ornaments I wanted for next year. (No, I don’t care that they’ll say 2012 on them).

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